Daiquiris & Margaritas To-Go!


Try all of our different base flavors at Eskimo Hut!

Banana FlavorBanana
Blue Hawaiian FlavorBlue Hawaiian
Blue Margarita FlavorBlue Margarita
Cherry FlavorCherry
Grape FlavorGrape
Sour Apple FlavorSour Apple
Hurricane FlavorHurricane
Kiwi FlavorKiwi
Mai Tai FlavorMai Tai
Mango FlavorMango
Margarita FlavorMargarita
Orange FlavorOrange
Peach FlavorPeach
Pina Colada FlavorPina Colada
Pinapple FlavorPineapple
Raspberry FlavorRaspberry
Strawberry FlavorStrawberry
Watermelon FlavorWatermelon

Eskimo Hut Signature Combinations

  • Berry Bomb

    Strawberry FlavorStrawberry Raspberry FlavorRaspberry
  • Blue Lagoon

    Blue Hawaiian FlavorBlue Hawaiian Pina Colada FlavorPina Colada Cream
  • Code Red

    Cherry FlavorCherry Mai Tai FlavorMai Tai Strawberry FlavorStrawberry
  • Crimson Tide

    Hurricane FlavorHurricane Grape FlavorGrape
  • Dark Rain

    Blue Hawaiian FlavorBlue Hawaiian Grape FlavorGrape Strawberry FlavorStrawberry
  • Florida Sunset

    Hurricane FlavorHurricane Orange FlavorOrange
  • Fuzzy Memory

    Cherry FlavorCherry Peach FlavorPeach Mango FlavorMango
  • Hawk

    Banana FlavorBanana Kiwi FlavorKiwi Pina Colada FlavorPina Colada
  • Hazel Dream

    Blue Hawaiian FlavorBlue Hawaiian Pina Colada FlavorPina Colada Raspberry FlavorRaspberry
  • Hot Mama

    Cherry FlavorCherry Pina Colada FlavorPina Colada Cream
  • Jolly Rancher

    Cherry FlavorCherry Kiwi FlavorKiwi Watermelon FlavorWatermelon
  • Orangesicle

    Orange FlavorOrange Pina Colada FlavorPina Colada Cream
  • Pink Panther

    Mai Tai FlavorMai Tai Pina Colada FlavorPina Colada
  • Purple Haze

    Blue Hawaiian FlavorBlue Hawaiian Hurricane FlavorHurricane
  • Starburst

    Strawberry FlavorStrawberry Pina Colada FlavorPina Colada Banana FlavorBanana
  • Water Moccasin

    Watermelon FlavorWatermelon Margarita FlavorMargarita
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